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[2006] Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson - The Dutchess (Mp3 Download)

Review by Andy Kellman @
Through all the twists and turns taken by Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson during her 20-year career as an entertainer -- including a stint on Kids Incorporated, background vocals for Martika, two albums with adult contemporary/dance-pop group Wild Orchid, and superstardom with Black Eyed Peas -- she has always sounded as if she is trying really, really hard. That has been the lone consistent characteristic of her output, and it remains in effect throughout The Dutchess. An endurance test like few other pop albums issued during the early 2000s, The Dutchess has all the characteristics of a release fronted by someone who has been itching to go solo and prove herself, once and for all, as a versatile force all her own. Fergie does cartwheels and handstands, juggles three objects at once, balances books on her head, hangs upside down, rides a unicycle with her hands in the air -- all these things while wearing different outfits. The whole process, produced mostly by fellow Pea, is mildly entertaining but tremendously taxing. There's throwback hip-hop ("Fergalicious," done to the tune of J.J. Fad's "Supersonic"), throwback soul ("Here I Come," done to the tune of the Temptations' "Get Ready"), reggae ("Mary Jane Shoes"), ska-punk ("Mary Jane Shoes"), scat ("Mary Jane Shoes"), vaguely torchy midtempo fluff ("Velvet"), and a classy string-drenched ballad (the appropriately titled "Finally"), among several other passable switch-ups, but none of them has any lasting (or even immediate) value, with the possible exception of the inexplicably asinine "London Bridge" -- which is terrific, provided you can block out the lyrics or prevent yourself from trying to decipher its meaning. Somewhat ironically, one of the more convincing songs on the album, "Big Girls Don't Cry," sounds exactly like a 2006 version of Wild Orchid, with Fergie's Taylor Dayne kid-sister act in full effect.

Track Lists
01. Fergalicious feat
02. Clumsy
03. All That I Got (The Make Up Song) feat
04. London Bridge
05. Pedestal
06. Voodoo Doll
07. Glamorous feat Ludacris
08. Here I Come
09. Velvet
10. Big Girls Don't Cry
11. Mary Jane Shoes feat Rita Marley and The I-Threes
12. Losing My Ground
13. Finally
14. Get Your Hands Up [Bonus Track] feat The Black Eyed Peas
15. Wake Up [Bonus Track]
16. Paradise [Bonus Track]

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What People Said

this album is such klass, the best i have heared in ages! Anonymous Anonymous :: 9/16/06, 7:18 PM :: Top  

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wow, i love her album, i thought i was gonna hate it Anonymous Tristan :: 9/19/06, 11:42 AM :: Top  

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I'm unable to download. Anonymous Anonymous :: 10/8/06, 2:07 PM :: Top  

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To download, put as referrer. Anonymous Anonymous :: 10/30/06, 6:04 PM :: Top  

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can somebody tell me how to download this file, cause ites asking user name and password Anonymous Anonymous :: 12/9/06, 1:23 PM :: Top  

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when I try to download it says:

Proxy Authentication Required
Unable to complete request:

Access denied due to authentication failure. Anonymous Anonymous :: 1/6/07, 10:51 AM :: Top  

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I posted this post about 2 months ago, and almost all posts that age were invalid.

My advice: try to check this site regularly and download all the mp3s as fast as you can, before they became invalid.

meanwhile, I'll try to search another link for this album. Blogger riefky w. el huraibi :: 1/6/07, 5:37 PM :: Top  

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Could you tell me how to download it?? please and thanx. Anonymous Anonymous :: 3/22/07, 4:27 AM :: Top  

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