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[2003] Original Soundtrack - Freaky Friday (Mp3 Download)

Review by Heather Phares @
The soundtrack to the remake of Disney's classic generation gap switcheroo Freaky Friday definitely reflects the musical tastes of the movie's teenage girl instead of her mother, with whom she trades bodies. Crafting a soundtrack that reflected both mother and daughter's favorite songs might have been a more clever move, but packing the album with teen pop, punk, and modern rock was probably a more marketable one. Like most teen-movie soundtracks, Freaky Friday is something of a mixed bag, offering a lot of mediocre songs and a few good ones. Falling into the second category are tracks like American Hi-Fi's Green Day-esque "The Art of Losing," the Donnas' snotty "Backstage," Andrew W.K.'s anthemic "She Is Beautiful," and Joey Ramone's cover of "What a Wonderful World," which somehow manages to remain true to his musical heritage as well as Louis Armstrong's better-known version. Most of the other covers on this soundtrack don't fare as well, though: Simple Plan, Lillix, and Bowling for Soup turn in ham-fisted versions of the Turtles' "Happy Together," the Romantics' "What I Like About You," and Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time," respectively. Likewise, the fiesty girl rock that populates the album -- meant to reflect the Avril Lavigne-esque lead in the movie, who has her own rock band -- runs the gamut. Aside from the aforementioned Donnas, the album also offers up songs from several other female artists, ranging from the rather teen poppy "Ultimate" by Lindsay Lohan to Lash's sneering, strutting "Beauty Queen." Unfortunately, the Halo Friendlies' "Me vs. the World" and Christina Vidal's "Take Me Away" sound like they were recorded by the same band under different names. While it has a few bright moments, the soundtrack ends up being all too predictable; ironically, Freaky Friday's main problem is that its music isn't nearly freaky enough.

Track Lists
01. Ultimate - Lindsay Lohan
02. Happy Together Simple Plan
03. What I Like About You Lillix
04. The Art Of Losing American Hi-Fi
05. Brand New Day - Forty Foot Echo
06. Me Vs. The World - Halo Friendlies
07. Take Me Away - Christina Vidal
08. ...Baby One More Time(Intro) - Chad Michael Murray
09. ...Baby One More Time - Bowling For Soup
10. Backstage - The Donnas
11. She Is Beautiful - Andrew W.K.
12. I Wonder - Diffuser
13. Beauty Queen - Lash
14. Just Let Me Cry - Ashlee Simpson
15. What A Wonderful World - Joey Ramone
16. Fortune Cookie - Rolfe Kent

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