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Various Artists - Ace Combat 5 : The Unsung War [Soundtrack] (Mp3 Download)

Maybe you wondering why this site named razgriz-aces, well... it was taken from this game actually, where razgriz is the name of the lead character's squadron. Ace Combat 5 : The Unsung War is a followup from Ace Combat Series and I am a die hard fan of this game. now here I brought you the soundtrack of this game, enjoy....

Track Lists
01. Menu
02. Briefing 1
03. Briefing 2
04. Hangar 1
05. Hangar 2
06. Shorebirds
07. Open War
08. Wardog
09. Naval Bloackade
10. First Flight
11. Rendezvous
12. Ballistic Missile
13. White Birds, Part I
14. Front Line
15. Scinfaxi
16. Mother Goose 1
17. Lit Fuse
18. Blind Spot
19. 8492
20. Chain Reaction
21. Reprisal
22. Powder Keg
23. Four Horsemen
24. Demons Of Razgriz
25. Hrimfaxi
26. Ice Cage
27. White Noise
28. Desert Arrow
29. Desert Lightning
30. Super Circus
31. Into The Dusk
32. Fortress
33. Mask
34. Final Option
35. Ancient Walls
36. Solitaire
37. Closure
38. Ghosts Of Razgriz
39. White Birds, Part II
40. Heartbreak One
41. Grabacr
42. Sea Of Chaos
43. Wings Of Unity
44. Winter Storm
45. The Unsung War
46. Result
47. Shop
48. Game Over
49. Tutorial Main
50. Tutorial Menu
51. Tutorial Result

Download Instruction

I had already tested the links before I posted the album with "Internet Download Manager". If you fail to download all mp3s on this blog, you should try it conventionally through "Save Target As.." for Explorer users or "Save Link As.." for Firefox users. If the problem persists, links are invalid.


  • All mp3s on this site are not on our server, we only found them by search engine. So, don't ask if they became invalid.
  • Although you can have all these mp3s for free, I still recommend you to buy the original CD. I do buy the original CD.
  • All credits go to original uploader...

What People Said

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hey dude , thanks....for this album,,i love your site i come here all the time but lately nothing really new??? why Anonymous tristan :: 10/23/06, 10:13 AM :: Top  

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On Ace Combat 5, Whats that song that goes "can you take it all away?Can you take it all away?? Shove it in my face. Explain it to me"??? And is that a real song? I think it was called "Face of the coin". But im not to sure because I can't download it anywhere.Can you help me out here?????????!!!!!!!!! Anonymous Anonymous :: 7/1/07, 1:06 AM :: Top  

comment bottom

Hey razgriz aces! I am a GIGANTIC fan of ace combat 5. Anyway, this blog is for that dude "anonymus" who wanted to know the name of that ace combat song. well, it's your lucky day! That song's name is "Blurry" and it is performed by "PUDDLES OF MUDD" (and the word "mudd" is with 2 d's) Peace out! Blogger antgalea :: 8/2/07, 11:05 PM :: Top  

comment bottom

ok, so does the song Face of the Coin
exist. Chopper was my favorite character(tear) so i would like to actually listen to the song Anonymous Mobious 1 :: 3/18/08, 2:09 PM :: Top  

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the "can u take it all away" song is called "Blurry" by puddle of mudd Anonymous Anonymous :: 11/18/09, 8:20 AM :: Top  

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