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[1995 - 2005] Asian Dub Foundation - Complete Discography (Mp3 Download)

Review by Jason Ankeny @
Asian Dub Foundation formed in 1993 as an outgrowth of the documentary Identical Beat, a film shot at London's Farringdon Community Music House, the site of a series of summer workshops designed to teach Asian children the essentials of music technology. In charge of the workshops were tutor Aniruddha Das and youth worker John Pandit, also a noted DJ; with one of their students, a 15-year-old Bengali rapper named Deedar Zaman, they soon formed a sound system which they called the Asian Dub Foundation. After each adopted an alias -- bassist/tabla player Das became Dr. Das, Pandit became Pandit G, and Zaman became Master D -- they gradually evolved into a working band with the 1994 addition of former Higher Intelligence Agency guitarist Steve Chandra Savale, an innovative performer known for tuning his strings to one note like a sitar, turning up the distortion unit and playing his instrument with a knife, earning him the knickname "Chandrasonic." Emerging in the midst of considerable anti-Asian violence throughout Britain, the Foundation's early demos landed them a contract with Nation Records, and they recorded their debut EP Conscious in 1994.

Channeling influences ranging from punk to ambient music to Bengali folk songs, Asian Dub Foundation quickly gained a strong fanbase not only among clubgoers but also among the anti-fascist movement, who applauded the group's vocal stand against racism. After earning a reputation as stand-out live performers, the band -- which now included dancer Bubble-E and second DJ Sun-J -- won widespread acclaim for the 1995 single "Rebel Warrior." Their first full-length effort, Facts and Fictions, followed later that same year, and in 1998 Asian Dub Foundation returned with Rafi's Revenge. Community Music appeared in mid-2000.

[1995] Fact And Fictions
01. Witness
02. PKNB
03. Jericho
04. Rebel Warrior
05. Journey
06. Strong Culture
07. Th9
08. Tu Meri
09. Debris
10. Box
11. Box Ancien
12. Thacid (Dub Version)
13. Return To Jericho

[1997] RAFI
01. Assasin
02. Change
03. Black White
04. Buzzing
05. Free Satpal Ram
06. Modern Apprentice
07. Operation Eagle Lie
08. Hypocrite
09. Naxalite
10. Loot
11. Dub Mentality
12. Culture Modern
13. Real Areas For Investigation

[1998] Conscious Party
01. Assasin
02. Black White
03. Naxalite
04. Taa Deem
05. Dub Mentality
06. Hypocrite
07. Buzzing
08. Charge
09. Free Satpal Ram
10. Tribute To John Stevens
11. Free Satpal Ram (ADF Sound System Remix)
12. Charge (ADF Sound System Remix)
13. Digital Uncerclass
14. Culture Move (ADF Vs. MC Navigator Disco Plate)

[1998] Ravis Revenge
01. Naxalite
02. Buzzin'
03. Black White
04. Assasin
05. Hypocrite
06. Charge
07. Free Saptal Ram
08. Dub Mentality
09. Culture Move
10. Operation Eagle
11. Change
12. Tribute To John

[2000] Community Music
01. Real Great Britain
02. Memory War
03. Officer XX
04. New Way, New Life
05. Riddim I Like
06. Collective Mode
07. Crash
08. Colour Line
09. Taa Deem
10. The Judgement
11. Truth Hides
12. Rebel Warrior
13. Committed To Life
14. Scaling New Heights

[2001] Frontline 1993-97
01. Witness (DJ Scud Remix)
02. Change A Gonna Come
03. Strong Culture (Juttla, Charged Remix)
04. Change A Gonna Come (Remix)
05. River Of Dub
06. Tu Meri (Wayward Soul Remix)
07. Nazrul Dub
08. Jericho
09. PKNB
10. C.A.G.E.
11. Operation Eagle Lie

[2003] Enemy Of The Enemy
01. Fortess Europe
02. Rise To The Challenge
03. La Haine
04. 1000 Mirrors
05. 19 Rebellions
06. Blowback
07. 2 Faces
08. Power To The Small Massive
09. Dhol Rinse
10. Basta
11. Cyberabad
12. Enemy Of The Enemy

[2005] Tank
01. Flyover
02. Tank
03. Hope
04. Round Up
05. Oil
06. Powerlines
07. Who Runs The Place
08. Take Back The Power
09. Warring Dhol
10. Tomorrow Begins Today
11. Melody 7

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