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[2001] Enigma - LSD : Love, Sensuality and Devotion (Mp3 Download)

Review by Heather Phares @
LSD: Love, Sensuality and Devotion gathers over a decade's worth of Enigma's definitive tracks, including the song that started it all, "Sadeness, Pt. 1." "Return to Innocence," "Beyond the Invisible," and "Cross of Changes" are all featured as well, and though the collection ranges from the rock-tinged "I'll Love You...I'll Kill You" to atmospheric, electronic fare like "Shadows in Silence," since it's all essentially Michael Crétu's vision, it flows surprisingly well. Since Enigma's sound has varied fairly drastically over the years, LSD: Love, Sensuality and Devotion is the perfect starting point for anyone curious about Crétu's music, and the only Enigma album that casual fans might need.

Track Lists
01. The Landing
02. Turn Around
03. Gravity Of Love
04. T.N.T. For The Brain
05. Modern Crusaders
06. Shadows In Silence
07. Return To Innocence
08. I Love You, I'll Kill You
09. Principles Of Lust
10. Sadeness, Part I
11. Silence Must Be Heard
12. Smell Of Desire
13. Mea Culpa
14. Push The Limits
15. Beyond The Invisible
16. Age Of Loneliness
17. Morphing Thru Time
18. The Cross Of Changes

And if that isn't enough for you, here's another Enigma's album packed in .rar archiever :

[1990] MCMXC a.d.
[1993] The Cross Of Change
[1996] Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!
[2000] The Screen Behind The Mirror
[2001] LSD : Love, Sensuality and Devotion
[2003] Voyageur
[Unknown] Dream On
[Unknown] Enigma - Best Of... CD 1
[Unknown] Enigma - Best Of... CD 2
[Unknown] Erotic Dreams
[Unknown] Metamorphosis

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  • Although you can have all these mp3s for free, I still recommend you to buy the original CD. I do buy the original CD.
  • All credits go to original uploader...

What People Said

I was trying many times to download som Enigma but each time at different days it wasn't possible..
is sth wrong with those links? cause i've been downloading already some music from your site..and not everywhere was this problem
thx very much °) Anonymous heena :: 5/28/07, 3:21 PM :: Top  

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aaand just to be exact..
when i try to donwload, i can't because of warning that this site was not found and make sure that the site really exist..
thx again Anonymous heena :: 5/28/07, 3:27 PM :: Top  

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